Calendar Girls

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Remember the film, “The Calendar Girls”

I’m looking at creating an exhibition of photographs and an accompanying book based on the style of the pictures created in the film.

I’m looking for as many ladies as possible, who would be interested in baring everything and nothing in this tongue in cheek project.

It doesn’t matter if you think you don’t have the looks, as long as you have the balls (hang on that doesn’t sound right, but you know what I mean)

Get in touch for more details.

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As the post says, I’m looking for adult volunteers of any age (18+), shape and size, to join me in this fun little project, in showing off body confidence in a fun, tongue in cheek way, using concealed and implied nudity. Generally speaking, you can be wearing some form of modesty underwear if requested, and the picture or pictures will be captured using appropriate household items obscuring any embarrassment. Then it would be nice to have a short write up, telling the world who you are.

Preferably, I can travel to you for these pictures, shooting them in your own home, where you will feel most comfortable. If you’re a business owner (or have a very understanding boss) why not do it at work?

The final set of images chosen will be displayed in Art Galleries around the UK, and hopefully printed in a fantastic book, which will be put up for sale to raise money for body confidence and awareness.

We currently do not have any sponsors so we’re open to hearing from anyone who is prepared to get behind us on this project.

*The form below is not saying you will pose photographs, it’s just to register your interest so that you may be contacted to talk about it as a possibility.
People posing for photographs do not need to be nude. The photographs will be taken strategically so that it looks like you are only. Your modesty will be covered at all times by items that are well placed to cover you up.

Thanks again.