Studio Portrait Sessions

Why not take a few minutes out of your schedule and visit me at the Hull Photography Studio with your children.  I am taking 30 minute

Carl Cooper Photography Children's Easter Setup
Carl Cooper Photography Children’s Easter Setup

studio bookings for themed Portraits. At the same time, raising money for charity.

You and your child or children will be able to make 1 hour bookings with us, and visit the studio for a portrait session.

These sessions can be taken with our large back-lit plain background, with the full compliment of studio lights, or we are having a series of custom back drops made in various themes, to thoroughly enhance the portrait session.

When booking, you are agreeing to pay a £20 non refundable deposit to secure you’re spot (This  deposit  is given to a local disabled charity)
After the session you will be shown the photographs taken or invited back to the studio, to see the photographs and choose which one or ones you want to purchase.

If you purchase a picture , the £20 deposit will be applied to the purchase price, and you just pay the balance.

Photographs will be available in digital form, or as actual photographs  in various sizes, with the added bonus of having them framed if requested.


Studio Bookings; £20.00 none refundable (To be paid on booking, but can be spent against the cost of buying products)
Digital photo; £20.00
Photograph Print – 9″ x 7″; £30.00 or Framed £35.00
Photograph Print – 12″ x 8″ (approx); £35.00 or Framed £40.00
Photograph Print – 16.5″ x 11.5″ (approx); £45.00 or Framed £50.00

When you purchase photographs a minimum of 25% of the total to be paid on ordering and the remainder to be paid when collecting.

Click the Donate to pay the £20 deposit online (This Donates your deposit straight to a local disabled charity).  
If you don’t use PayPal, Please choose the “Donate With Debit or Credit Card” option.
You will be then contacted to make a convenient booking appointment.

I pride myself on taking high quality photographs that people will want to purchase, which is why I essentially give the studio time for free, as I am confident my clients will not only purchase photography, but also return in the future more more photos taken, as well as telling their friends and families of their excellent service.