Video Productions

Are you looking for a promotional film to attract customers and boost your product or service?

Carl Cooper is an expert in creating video promos. Whether you’re pushing an event, service or product, Carl Cooper will work with you to ensure that your film delivers the right messages to your target audiences and produces the best brand awareness.

Video content is now a crucial part of the marketing mix for every organisation. Carl Cooper has been providing photography service since 1987 and now offers a corporate video production service to people and companies of all sizes.

Carl loves nothing more than creating promo and instructional videos that make bold statements. Whether you want to produce a standard business video or a film shot with an aerial drone, Carl will work with you to develop your ideas, and present you with options and solutions that are best for you.Carls ethos is the same with film as it is with photography, “Work to the brief” This means, what the customer wants, the customer gets.  he will help you make your mind up by giving you relevant information, but at the end of the day, it’s your film, if you want it, then thats what you get.