Boudoir and Only Fans

boudoir photoBoudoir

Have you ever fancied pushing your boundaries and fancied posing for your own personal set of boudoir photographs?

Perhaps, you have or are considering starting an Only Fans account.

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I am an experienced photographer in these matters, and offer my clients a full discretionary service, whether you are new to this and shy, or a seasoned professional brimming with confidence.

If you want a fully private photography session and want to do your own hair, makeup and wardrobe assistant or you want me to provide this, I can accommodate every scenario.

Only Fans

Business photos can be done in one of several ways. You can licence the photographs for individual use, or work on a profit share for the pictures. As above I offer a discretionary service, except you don’t get given all of the images, but you do get a signed statement of discretion, basically guaranteeing you that I won’t show or use the images for any other reason than will be agreed upon in our pre-shoot talks.

Again, you can provide your own hair, makeup and wardrobe assistant or you want me to provide this, I can.

Terms and Conditions
  • All agreed fees are to be paid in full a minimum of 48 hours before the shoot time.
  • Fees may include but are not limited to travelling to you for the shoot.
  • If I supply hair and makeup, everything we need will also be supplied.
  • The dressing assistant does not supply clothes. They’re there simply to assist you in getting dressed so your hair and makeup isn’t spoiled.
  • Any photographs you use must have all Meta Data left intact so that they can be tracked online so 3rd parties cannot copy them and use them for their own purposes outside of our agreement.
  • I, as the photographer, retain the ownership of all copyrights to all the photographs. You, as the model will be granted fair use under licence as per our signed agreement.